What kind of material covers the STABILObed products? What fills them?

Depending on purpose of using the particular products, they’re cover by skin-friendly or easy to sterilize and antibacterial fabric PureMed™. Each element has different purpose of use that’s why the’re filled by many materials. The basic filling is granulate that can be anatomic-shaped very easy and allows the air to go outside the cushion and be around the patient’s body. Comfort and off-loading foam provide precise and long-term patient’s immobilization in the required position. The most advanced technology is our innovative memory foam VISmemo™ that creates initial shaping under the first pressure. Thereafter, the foam is more soft, because of patient’s temperature. It’s the best prevention against the bed sores. The last one are silicone fibers in round shape with 0,5 cm diameter. There are air inside what prevents against the sweating of the user. The cushion filled silicone is very soft and lightweight and can maintain the perfect anatomic shape.