STABILObed System

Each STABILObed® system element has a unique catalogue number which facilitates the configuration of various elements, adapting them to individual needs of each patient.

The stabilizing and positioning STABILObed® system is made of an innovative grey fabric PureMed™ which has numerous advantages:

  • It is safe for people and very easy to disinfect;
  • Ideal for use in areas with the high risk of infection;
  • There is a possibility of multiple use, it does not rub off;
  • It is perfect when the cushions are used by different patients, e.g. in hospitals or rehabilitation centers;
  • It is lightweight, soft, elastic and easy to shape;
  • Contains antibacterial components based on inorganic Silver Zeolite;
  • It meets all the essential requirements of the medical products of different kinds*;
  • It has Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification which is granted to exceptionally skin-friendly parameters;
  • It is used as a cover for hospital mattresses, operating tables and couches;
  • It is waterproof and vapour-permeable in one way only which means that the air from the inside of the cushion may migrate freely outside through the PureMed™ cover. At the same time, liquids such as sweat, blood or urine will not be able to get through the cover inside the cushion.
  • The PureMed™ cover has passed the CIGARETTE TEST and the MATCHSTICK TEST positively, which proves that it is a non-flammable fabric.

*According to the Regulation of the Ministers of Health on 3 November 2004 and the requirements contained in Annex I to Council Directive 93/42 / EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices, deployed by the law of 30 April 2004 of Medical Devices (OJ L 93 of 2004. , pos. 896).


  1. PureMed™ – a flexible fabric which is safe for people. It is antibacterial, waterproof, vapour-permeable and easy to disinfect.
  2. The air inside the cushion can migrate freely through the spacer fabric AirMesh™ (pt. 3) and around the patient’s body. Additionally, the PureMed™ cover will stop any liquids such as sweat, blood or urine.
  3. AirMesh™ – is a special aerating-massaging fabric used in the places, which have a direct contact with the patient’s body. As a result, the comfort of use has significantly increased, and at the same time the risk of bedsores has considerably decreased.
  4. Product filling.

Special features of PureMed™

ricz Compliant with the REACH regulation aimed at ensuring a high level of health and environmental protection.
 ricz The PureMed™ cover has passed the CIGARETTE TEST and the MATCHSTICK TEST positively, which proves that it is a non-flammable fabric.
 ricz It is free of heavy metals, phthalates, allergic substances and carcinogens.
 ricz It is lightweight, soft, elastic and easy to shape.
 ricz It has OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certification which is granted to exceptionally skin-friendly parameters.
 ricz The fabric is waterproof.
 ricz The raw material has a hygienic certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health.
 ricz PureMed™ is vapour-permeable in one way only - the air from the inside may migrate freely outside.
ricz The fabric is breathable.
ricz It is antibacterial and easy to disinfect.




The STABILObed® system includes such independent elements as:

  • Cushions in different sizes.
    The STABILObed® system consists of cushions and pillows which have been designed to stabilize and position the selected parts of the patient’s body. They have a washable cover made of an innovative fabric called PureMed™. This fabric is safe for people and very easy to disinfect. Individual elements of the system can be used in the diagnostic imaging because they do not contain any metal elements.Depending on the kind, shape and purpose, the STABILObed® elements have different fillings.:
    • Granules – the product has been filled with very light and small polystyrene granules. The granules may move freely inside the product, and as a result it is much easier to adjust the product to the user’s body shape. Additionally, the air, which is inside PureMed™ the cushion, can easily migrate through the vapour-permeable cover around the patient’s body.
    • VISmemo™ foam – it is a memory foam which adjusts its shape to the shape of the patient’s body under pressure. Then, it becomes even softer due to the temperature of the patient’s body. The VISmemo™ foam is the most active in the areas with the gretaest bedsores risk. As a result, it is the highest standard in the anti-bedsore prophylaxis.
    • Comfort foam – soft foam which has a lot of small, closed air bubbles. Because of that, it easily reflects the patient’s body shape.
    • Off-loading foam – it is a rigid technical foam, created during the recycling process. The structure of this foam is closed which means that it goes back to its initial shape even after long-term lying of the patient.
    • Silicone – this filling consists of silicone fibers in the round shape with 0,5 cm diameter. The air in the fibers provides great ventilation, preventing the head sweating. The cushion perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of the user’s body, it is very soft and light. It is pressure-resistant even under the influence of a long-term pressure.
      • Self-adhesive sheet

      The sheet is made of soft, white or blue velvet. This fabric has a special foam layer which prevents the sheet from rolling on the mattress. Additionally, thanks to the self-adhesive function, it is possible to attach the STABILObed® products to it, which prevents them from moving, as most of the STABILObed® products are equipped with a set of Velcro. The sheet is elastic so it will not slip out of the mattress. It fits the standard hospital mattresses and is available in three different sizes. There is also a possibility to order a custom size sheet.