Stabilizing and positioning system

STABILObed® is a modular system used for precise and effective positioning of the patient in various lying positions. STABILObed® has a wide range of applications.

The system has been registered as a 1st CLASS MEDICAL SYSTEM, and each product has a CE mark.


About the system


Using the STABILObed® system cushions is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • As an immobilization in diagnostic imaging (MRICT scan, X-ray);
  • With bedridden patients who suffer from orthopedic, neurological and rheumatic diseases;
  • With intensive care patients;
  • During rehabilitation, palliative care and positional therapy;
  • During long-term care;
  • As a post-operative immobilization;
  • In a situation when individual parts of the body need relief;
  • In the anti-bedsore prophylaxis.


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A flexible fabric which is safe for people. It is antibacterial, waterproof, vapour-permeable and easy to disinfect.

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A memory foam which perfectly adjusts to the patient’s body shape.

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A special non-slip fabric which prevents the cushions and pillows from moving on the mattress.

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The components of the STABILObed® system can be used in the diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT scan, X-ray).

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A special system of adjustments helps to shape the STABILObed® elements and adjust them to the user’s needs.

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The STABILObed® elements are equipped with a set of Velcro which allows to position the elements on the mattress covered with a self-adhesive sheet.

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