P-SS-20 Upper extermity support with protector

Product symbol: P-SS-20

The support has been created to protect the upper limb after injuries and surgical procedures. It is equipped with the granules bag which makes it possible to adjust the shape of the cushion to the forearm. It relieves the user’s forearm from the fingers to the elbow area, making it ideal for use in anti-bedsore prophylaxis, at the same time preventing the contractures. A specially designed Velcro fastener secures the forearm from the top and reduces its mobility, supporting the healing process.


P SS 20 3 300x195


12 cm
25 cm
7 cm
20 cm
43 cm
12 cm



Poduszka 1

1. PureMed™

2. AirMesh™

3. Cotton bag

4. Granules

5. AntySlip™

6. VelcroFit™



puremed PureMed™ - a fabric which is very safe for people. It is antibacteriala fabric which is very safe for people. It is antibacterialand easy to disinfect. Due to the fact that it contains antibacterialcomponents based on Silver Zeolite, PureMed™ fabric is perfect formultiple use by different users in hospitals or rehabilitation centers aswell as in cases of a high risk of infection. PureMed™ is light, soft andeasy to shape. This material compiles with the REACH regulation. 
airmesh 2 AirMesh™ - is a special aerating-massaging fabric used in the places, which have a directis a special aerating-massaging fabric used in the places, which have a directcontact with the user’s body. As a result, the comfort of use has significantly increased, andat the same time the risk of bedsores has considerably decreased. 
vismemo Granules - the product has been filled with very light and small polystyrene granules. The granules may move freely inside the product, and as a result it is muchthe product has been filled with very light and small polystyrene granules. The granules may move freely inside the product, and as a result it is mucheasier to adjust the product to the user’s body shape. Additionally, the air, which is inside PureMed™ the cushion, can easily migrate through the vapour-permeablecover around the user’s body.
antyslip AntySlip™ - a special non-slip fabric which prevents the cushions and pillows from moving on the mattress.
velcrofit VelcroFit™ - the STABILObed® elements are equipped with a set of Velcro which allows to position the elements on the mattress covered with a self-adhesive sheet as well as combine selected elements in various configurations.


Special features of PureMed™

ricz Compliant with the REACH regulation aimed at ensuring a high level of health and environmental protection.
 ricz The PureMed™ cover has passed the CIGARETTE TEST and the MATCHSTICK TEST positively, which proves that it is a non-flammable fabric.
 ricz It is free of heavy metals, phthalates, allergic substances and carcinogens.
 ricz It is lightweight, soft, elastic and easy to shape.
 ricz It has OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certification which is granted to exceptionally skin-friendly parameters.
 ricz The fabric is waterproof.
 ricz The raw material has a hygienic certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health.
 ricz PureMed™ is vapour-permeable in one way only - the air from the inside may migrate freely outside.
ricz The fabric is breathable.
ricz It is antibacterial and easy to disinfect.








PureMed™ meets all the essential requirements of the medical products of different kinds, according to the Regulation of the Ministers of Health on 3 November 2004 and the requirements contained in Annex I to Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices , deployed by the law of 30 April 2004 of Medical Devices (OJ L 93 of 2004., pos. 896). It is a flexible fabric which is safe for people. It is antibacterial, waterproof, vapour permeable and easy to disinfect.PureMed™ should be cleaned according to the laundry guide. Coated materials should be cleaned with the use of neutral pH soap solution (about 7) applied with a soft sponge or a damp cloth. Rub gently and wipe dry to remove the rest of the detergent. In order to keep the original colour and shine level, the procedure should be repeated every month.

Stains should come out if you use 25% solution of ethanol. Rub gently and wipe dry to remove the rest of the detergent.

Please, bear in mind that some stains might not be completely removed from the cleaned surface. It depends on several factors like active dyers permanently migrating to the material surface, the material composition and finish, or chemical composition of dirt as well as the time the soiling has remained on the material surface.

You should pay particular attention to the generally available domestic cleansers whose components might react with the soiling and cause an effect contrary to what was originally intended.

Remember that PureMed™ should never be cleaned with domestic cleansers and cleaning agents that are generally recommended for ‘eco-leather’.


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Cotton bag with granules

wklad bawelniany

Cotton bag with granules - there are special cotton bags inside of most of the STABILObed® cushions. They are filled with granules which perfectly adapt to the user’s anatomy. The bag is made of cotton fabric which is certified by OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and the granules have obtained the PZH certificate. Thanks to a special pocket closed with the use of Velcro you can easily put the proper amount of the granules depending on the individual needs. If, during prolonged use, your STABILObed® cushion loses its properties, there is no need to purchase a new cushion but only replace the cotton bag with granules. 


pokrowiec frotte

Bags are created so as to have control over the amount of granules in STABILObed® cushions. It is highly beneficial due to the fact that it is possible to adjust STABILObed® cushions to user’s needs. It is necessary to take the size of STABILObed® cushion into account while choosing the size of bag with granules.
An additional bag with granules is available in two sizes - 2.5 liters (ca. 50g of granules) and 9 liters (ca. 200g of granules).