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Designed with comfort in mind, the Magic Seat™ is a specialized functional postural support that adapts tothe shape of each user's body, providing maximum pressure relief, support and positioning. Made from high elastic memory foam, the seat provides excellent pressure relief and allows for individual user positioning according to therapeutic indications. Equipped with a pelvic belt and headrest, it ensures an optimal seating position for the user.

In the Magic Seat™ functional postural support positioner, the user's body has minimal contact with the product surface, so the risk of pressure sores is strongly reduced. In addition, different foam combinations can be used to provide the required level of pressure relief and support.

The positioning seat adapts to the needs of each user and makes it easier to maintain a seated posture. The seat is designed to position and support the child's head, trunk and lower limbs in correct alignment. The chest harness provides additional support and protection for the child's torso. It is a professional medical product that facilitates basic activities, i.e. eating, developing correct visual habits and daily care.

The Magic Seat™ has no rigid or hard parts and can therefore be used by children with uncontrolled and involuntary movements, without the risk of impact or injury. Ideal support in the course of diseases of the nervous system manifested by uncoordinated reflexes, such as: hyperkinesia, hypokinesia, athetosis, akathisia, chorea, dyskinesia, dystonia, bismuth encephalopathy, myoclonus, tremor or tics.


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Note: Measurement tolerance range is +/- 1 cm / ½ in.
* This measurement cannot be the main parameter while choosing the product size.





1. PureMed™

2. Construction foam Richfoam®

3. VISmemofoam

4. AntySlip™














1. PureMed™

2. Construction foam Richfoam®

3. Foam granulate

4. AntySlip™










puremed PureMed™ - a fabric which is very safe for people. It is antibacteriala fabric which is very safe for people. It is antibacterialand easy to disinfect. Due to the fact that it contains antibacterialcomponents based on Silver Zeolite, PureMed™ fabric is perfect formultiple use by different users in hospitals or rehabilitation centers aswell as in cases of a high risk of infection. PureMed™ is light, soft andeasy to shape. This material compiles with the REACH regulation.
richfoam RICHFOAM® technical foam by CARPENTER®. It was created through recycling. It has a closed structure, which makes it return to its original shape even after prolonged deformation. It carries the LGA safety and quality certification and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
antyslip AntySlip™ - a special non-slip fabric which prevents the cushions and pillows from moving on the mattress.
vismemo VISmemo™ - it is a memory foam which adjusts its shape to the shape of the user’s body under pressure. Then, it becomes even softer due to the temperature of the user’s body. The VISmemo™ foam is the most active in the areas with the greatest bedsores risk. As a result, it is the highest standard in the anti-bedsore prophylaxis.
vismemo High sitting comfort, proper and even pressure distribution are guaranteed by filling the cushion with special foam granules. This allows you to safely and stably use the MagicSeat seat for a longer period of time, minimizing the risk of pressure sores. The granules are made of flexible polyurethane foam torn into small, irregularly shaped pieces. The foam granules are very good quality, soft and elastic, without any hard elements.


Special features of PureMed™

ricz Compliant with the REACH regulation aimed at ensuring a high level of health and environmental protection.
 ricz The PureMed™ cover has passed the CIGARETTE TEST and the MATCHSTICK TEST positively, which proves that it is a non-flammable fabric.
 ricz It is free of heavy metals, phthalates, allergic substances and carcinogens.
 ricz It is lightweight, soft, elastic and easy to shape.
 ricz It has OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certification which is granted to exceptionally skin-friendly parameters.
 ricz The fabric is waterproof.
 ricz The raw material has a hygienic certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health.
 ricz PureMed™ is vapour-permeable in one way only - the air from the inside may migrate freely outside.
ricz The fabric is breathable.
ricz It is antibacterial and easy to disinfect.








PureMed™ meets all the essential requirements of the medical products of different kinds, according to the Regulation of the Ministers of Health on 3 November 2004 and the requirements contained in Annex I to Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices , deployed by the law of 30 April 2004 of Medical Devices (OJ L 93 of 2004., pos. 896). It is a flexible fabric which is safe for people. It is antibacterial, waterproof, vapour permeable and easy to disinfect.PureMed™ should be cleaned according to the laundry guide. Coated materials should be cleaned with the use of neutral pH soap solution (about 7) applied with a soft sponge or a damp cloth. Rub gently and wipe dry to remove the rest of the detergent. In order to keep the original colour and shine level, the procedure should be repeated every month.

Stains should come out if you use 25% solution of ethanol. Rub gently and wipe dry to remove the rest of the detergent.

Please, bear in mind that some stains might not be completely removed from the cleaned surface. It depends on several factors like active dyers permanently migrating to the material surface, the material composition and finish, or chemical composition of dirt as well as the time the soiling has remained on the material surface.

You should pay particular attention to the generally available domestic cleansers whose components might react with the soiling and cause an effect contrary to what was originally intended.

Remember that PureMed™ should never be cleaned with domestic cleansers and cleaning agents that are generally recommended for ‘eco-leather’.


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MGS-1 4-point chest

kamizelka 4 punktowa

Acts as a trunk stabilizer. Wide range of adjustment helps to fit it to the user’s needs.

MGS-2 H Chest harness

kamizelka h

Acts as a trunk stabilizer. Wide range of adjustment helps to fit it to the user’s needs.

MGS-3 Neck cushion

półwałek pod szyję

Provides additional comfortable support for the neck area. Particularly recommended for people with deepened cervical lordosis and other postural deformities requiring support of the cervical spine area.

MGS-4 Thigh abduction belts

pasy odwodzące uda

They allow the legs to be kept in abduction and prevent the user from slipping off. Recommended for people with increased muscle tension in the lower limbs, including: with adduction contractures or severe spasticity. They are easily attached with tapes. A safe solution that does not cause pressure on the perineum.

MGS-5 Side pocket

kieszeń boczna

Practical pocket for handy small items.

MGS-6 Table with soft padding and side pockets

pasy odwodzące uda

Enables play and supports therapy. Ideal for working and eating. Soft upholstery protects against hitting the table top.

MGS-7 Pelvis stabilizer

pasy odwodzące uda

Keeps the pelvis and hips from sliding forward, protecting the user from slipping out of the seat. Helps maintain a proper sitting position, which is especially important for people with increased muscle tension.

MGS-8 Trunk stabilizing cushions

pasy odwodzące uda

Cushion filled with granules to provide additional lateral trunk support. Helpful in stabilizing the sitting position. Easy to install with Velcro strap.

MGS-9 Foot and ankle stabilizing sandals

pasy odwodzące uda

They protect and stabilize the ankle joint. They are made of elastic material, recommended for users with increased muscle tone. They can be used with or without shoes.

MGS-10 4-points feet stabilizing belts

pasy odwodzące uda

 Adjustable straps with velcro fastening, perfectly stabilize the feet and ankle.

MGS-11 Soft lower limbs pad

pasy odwodzące uda

Additional support for lower legs. Keeps them elevated helping the venous blood flow back in the lower limbs. Recommended for the prevention and treatment of venous system disorders such as varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, etc.

MGS-12 Lower limbs stabilizing belts

pasy odwodzące uda

Help secure the lower limbs around the ankles and support proper sitting. Particularly indicated for hyperactive people, those with coordination disorders, or excessive spasticity.

MGS-13 Mobile base with swivel wheels and tilt-angle adjustment

pasy odwodzące uda

The base makes it possible to transport the chair between rooms. The swivel wheels have STOP brakes, ensuring safety when putting the user in or taking them out of the seat. The angle adjustment system allows you to change the angle of the seat (tilt-in-space function). Four protective barriers secure the seat from sliding on the base.

MGS-14 Mobile base with sides construction

pasy odwodzące uda

The base makes it possible to transport the seat between rooms. Swivel wheels are equipped with STOP brakes, ensuring safety when putting the user in or taking them out of the seat. The angle adjustment system allows you to change the angle of the seat (tilt-in-space function). The design prevents the seat from slipping off the base, and the convenient handle makes it easy to maneuver the seat.

MGS-15 Adjustable footrest with footers mounted to mobile base

pasy odwodzące uda

For use together with the MGS-15 mobile base only. Supports proper stabilization and positioning of the feet on the footrest (forward-backward and abduction-adduction adjustments). It is possible to set the footrest at different heights as needed.

MGS-16 Height-adjustable base for a soft lower limbs pad

pasy odwodzące uda

Serves as a base or a footrest. Can be used together with MGS-11 soft lower limbs pad as an extension or a footrest for additional feet protection.

 Polystyrene granules

pokrowiec frotte

Bags are created so as to have control over the amount of granules in STABILObed® cushions. It is highly beneficial due to the fact that it is possible to adjust STABILObed® cushions to user’s needs. It is necessary to take the size of STABILObed® cushion into account while choosing the size of bag with granules. An additional bag with granules is available in two sizes - 2.5 liters (ca. 50g of granules) and 9 liters (ca. 200g of granules).